Thoughts on Telemedicine

In reading some of the comments from Lynn Britton, president and CEO of Chesterfield, Mo.-based Mercy at the ATA’s (American Telemedicine Association) 18th Annual International Meeting & Trade Show from this article, it reminded me of some comments I made in this post.

The quote from the article that stood out to me…

“If we had thought about the classic return on investment around the infrastructure we built, we would have had second thoughts about it,” he said. “But the return is there, because that infrastructure is robust and sound, because we can provide those services in every one of those communities you saw on that map.”

Message to providers: expand your network, expand your services, lower your costs …or fall behind.

Here is another article titled “3 things that will help telemedicine go mainstream and win over pessimists” based on ideas shared at the ATA’s annual meeting.

And here is an article titled “3 ways telemedicine is helping Wyoming”, which describes how telemedicine is providing valuable services to the people of the 2nd least densely populated state (only Alaska has fewer people per square mile).

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