Article – Million Dollar Murray

This Malcolm Gladwell article has nothing directly to do with medical imaging or healthcare record integration, which I often discuss here, but does use analytics of data to identify the type of problem distribution (bell curve vs. power law) involved. And this seems to be a very important step to complete before designing a solution to a large, complex problem—such as homelessness and its impact on healthcare costs.

It was originally published 9 years ago, but all the stories and findings are still just as powerful today. And the solutions suggested are considered just as radical nearly a decade later.

I hope you find the time to read it, as I really enjoyed reading it.

Article – Communities vs. Networks

I highly recommend that you read this very well-written article on the differences between Communities and Networks.

Upon reading, I immediately identified the networks in my life, and the true communities.

I have lamented the erosion of communities to make room for networks in my own life. And I (try to) make genuine efforts to keep my true communities together, but it is not always easy and too often people fail to see the purpose or value.