Imaging Record Quality Policy Development Toolkit

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“In a Consolidated Enterprise, we are all drinking the same water”

  • As mergers, acquisitions and affiliations create Consolidated Enterprises, data from different facilities is co-mingled
  • Different practices, standards, systems, identifiers, codes, etc.
  • Older data that is migrated, may be incomplete
  • Some departments may not provide complete records


The Imaging Record Quality Policy Development Toolkit is a set of materials and defined steps to help you determine the correct policy for your organization, document the policy, and how to apply it.

  • 1 – Imaging Record Quality Policy Development Toolkit – Instructions.pdf – How to use the materials.
  • 2 – Imaging Record Quality Policy – Development Toolkit.xslx – This spreadsheet contains lists of DICOM attributes and other information that will be used to specify information required for each imaging record.
  • 3 – Health System Name – Imaging Record Quality Policy – Template.docx – This document is a template that can be used as a framework for documenting your organization’s policy.


Available for no cost download here.