Breast Tomosynthesis IT Impact Calculator

  • Allows entry of your study size averages, volumes, etc.
  • Calculates the impact to your long-term archive and PACS cache, along with costs
  • Estimates file transmission times
  • Includes some default data-integrated graphs

The Breast Tomosynthesis IT Impact Calculator is a set of materials and defined steps to help you determine the correct policy for your organization, document the policy, and how to apply it.

  • 1 – Breast Tomosynthesis IT Impact Calculator – Instructions.pdf – How to use the calculator.
  • 2 – Breast Tomosynthesis IT Impact Calculator.xslx – This spreadsheet contains editable statistics, predefined formulas and graphs to help you model the impact of Breast Tomosynthesis data on your imaging IT systems


Available for no cost download here.