Article – Can a smartphone do what your doctor does?

This article provides a summary of medical devices and apps that connect to your smartphone and collect physical examination information. The author is a doctor and provides a good explanation of the utility and necessity of the different tests.

The devices assessed by the article’s author include…

  • Blood Pressure Monitor by Withings and Blood Oxygen Monitor by iSp02
  • ECG Cellphone Case by AliveCor
  • iExaminer by Welch Allyn
  • SpiroSmart

From her assessment, it seems that the medical tricorder is slowly becoming a reality. I do agree that having a separate app to view the results from each device is a PITA, but this should not last long. With Bluetooth and WiFi connected devices wireless tethered to the smartphone, and new data formats and protocols popularized in HTML5, the shift to storing the collected information into the EMR or HIE will be soon.

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