Infographic – Healthcare Providers and Health Information Technology

A picture is worth a 1,000 words …or about US$19 billion, in this case.

Check out this USA Today-style (or, if you prefer) infographic from the ONC.

Here is some fun with numbers….

A couple of months ago, I posted on a survey on doctors’ satisfaction with their EHR. An excerpt from the article about the survey…

“In 2012, about one-third were “very dissatisfied” with the ability of their EHR to decrease workloads, up from only one-fifth in 2010, according to the survey. Gripes were seen elsewhere, too. Thirty-two percent were dissatisfied with EHR features and functionality in 2012, compared with 20 percent in 2010, while 37 percent in 2012 were not pleased with their product’s ease of use, up from 23 percent in 2010.”

In the infographic, the ONC claims that “85% of physicians who have adopted an EHR system reported SATISFACTION with their system” (47% “somewhat”, and 38% “very” satisfied).

So, somewhere between 15% (ONC’s numbers) and about 33% (survey’s findings) is about right, I guess.

The survey and the ONC did agree on one area…

  • ONC: “8 in 10 of physicians reported that EHR use enhanced overall patient care”
  • Survey: “One-fifth were also highly displeased with the technology’s ability to improve patient care last year, compared with one-tenth in 2010″

Don’t get me wrong: I believe in the value of an EHR. I just bet that those using them 10 years from now wish that they could send us a message about what ended up really mattering.

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