The rise of the mobile-only user …and how this helps the underpriviliged

A friend shared this article from HBR on the rise of people that use their phone as their primary method of accessing the Internet.

When I read about these users, I envision a Starbuck’s-carrying, iPhone-toting mover-and-shaker on the way to a spin class, but there are other parts of the world that are mobile-only by necessity and not by choice.

A good (and very talented) friend of mine courageously left the corporate world to dedicate his time to TulaSalud, an organization that helps healthcare workers in rural Guatamala provide better care. If you speak Spanish, check this site out too.

The only IT platform available to the users are cell phones. Note that I said cell phones, not smart phones (at least today). And network connectivity is not always available. Want to test your mettle as a developer? Try delivering solutions in this environment.

The more mobile-first solutions are available, the faster care can be improved in the areas of the world that need it most, so this trend can only be good.

They are getting some amazing results (lots of folks talk about better outcomes; these folks are getting them) and are an inspiration of mine. I’m sure if you would like to help, they would love to hear from you.

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