Healthcare Informatics 100 – Gold Rush for Health IT Vendors

The latest edition of the top 100 healthcare IT vendors, by revenue, has been released. This article provides some insight, and here is the actual list.

For some perspective, here is a blog post from the Editor-In-Chief of Healthcare Informatics, Mark Hagland, that includes and analysis of the list and some trends over the past few years.

An excerpt: “…five years ago, the 2009 Healthcare Informatics list revealed that the vendor with the highest HIT revenues had $2.98 billion in 2008 revenues, while the 100th and last on the list had $5.1million in 2008 revenues. This year, the top company reported $3.4 billion in revenues, while the 100th largest company reported $35 million in revenues. In 2009, reporting $35 million in revenues would have put a vendor company up at number 65th on the list.”

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