PACS Challenges – A Perspective from the SIIM Regional Meeting

SIIM Reg Meeting Mar-2013 - PACS Challenges

“PACS” is used well beyond radiology; how can they still own it? It is being decomposed into discrete services, but it still has to come together and be fast and reliable (software is only valuable if it is available and responsive when needed).

Integrating patient records (different patient ID domains, order schema, different procedure codes, etc.) is critical to a patient’s imaging record interoperability, whether it is to consolidate records to a shared system (e.g. imaging studies in a VNA), or at access time (on demand cross indexing when viewing studies from different patient ID domains).

For all the pages of must have features that fill a PACS RFP, most people I talk to would trade most of them for a fast PACS that never crashes.

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