Get Moving – New Kinect SDK from Microsoft

Using a Microsoft Kinect (motion, voice) as a healthcare application interface input (e.g. navigating images without touching a computer in the operating room) made a lot of press, but those folks that actually developed for it found the initial device release lacking an a mature API for PC application developers. Microsoft has since released a software developer kit (SDK), but it still required extra coding to have the device recognize desirable gestures. An update to the SDK was recently released and it adds several new gestures that can be recognized and made available to application developers through the SDK.

Check it out.

So, for those many Rads that played the clip from Minority Report (where Tom Cruise interacts with images and video by moving his hands around) during their talks at SIIM and elsewhere, we are one step closer to realizing your dream. 🙂 Though, do try and wave your arms around for a 4 to 8 hour workday and let me know how it goes—eye fatigue will be the least of your worries, my friends.

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