Article – Enterprise Imaging: Beyond Cloud-based Image Sharing

Read this, seriously.

Some thoughts…

  • I agree with most of what the article covers. I believe that Radiologists will be more consultant than owner of the Enterprise Imaging (EI) platform.
  • One topic that is not covered is the informatics around the metadata to collect at the time of capture. DICOM and IHE provide guidance as to what metadata we want to capture and include when doing a CT exam, but what needs to be captured when a clinical images are captured and stored is far less defined (though this will evolve as EI is adopted). Hopefully, we can start defining this by using some standard lexicons and codes (like SNOMED CT), as these are more mature now than when we started defining metadata values for traditional radiology modalities.
  • There needs to be close attention paid to the indexing of metadata in the EMR and the EI platform; more than is traditionally done when doing a basic EMR and PACS viewer integration. If an HIE is in place or planned, this also needs to be considered. Not all systems will be capable of managing all the desired metadata (including unique identifiers).
  • The EI platform should be considered a component of the EMR and managed as such–don’t put EI in your radiology PACS; just don’t.
  • We need to develop EI professionals through education and shared experiences, if we want to succeed. I may be biased, but I believe that SIIM is one of the organizations well-positioned to provide this. Check out my two-part blog post (part 1, part 2) on the SIIM web site.

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