A clear and effective strategy is critical to success. We help healthcare providers develop their strategy in the following areas.

Business Case Development

The economics of medical imaging are changing. Gaining clinical and financial benefit from organizational and IT system consolidation is a priority for health system leadership. Proposals for improvement need a clear and viable Business Case.

Enterprise Imaging

After health systems’ leaders have addressed Radiology and Cardiology workflow and data management, they are often ready to embark on an Enterprise Imaging program. These initiatives seek to improve efficiency and quality of care-delivery across the different Service Lines that produce and consume medical images.

Our Deliverable: A detailed Business Case, including: 1) investment objectives; 2) clinical and/or operational benefits; 3) financial model and analysis; 4) high-level implementation and transition plan. Our Deliverable: A detailed strategy document, including: 1) DICOM and non-DICOM imaging records; 2) Imaging integration within EMR and other portal systems; 3) Multi-facility imaging workflows; 4) Cross-enterprise information exchange.

Consolidated Enterprise

Consolidation of healthcare providers, through mergers and acquisition or affiliation, requires a comprehensive organizational, system, and data integration plan to support a Consolidated Enterprise’s clinical, operational, and financial goals.

Imaging IT Systems and Workflow Assessment

Before investing in initiatives to improve quality or productivity, a comprehensive review of existing imaging IT systems and workflows should be performed. This includes an assessment of areas for improvement compared to industry and clinical standards.

Our Deliverable: A detailed Imaging Informatics integration playbook to transition from independent facilities, with redundant systems, to a network of efficient service locations with a shared platform. Our Deliverable: A detailed report with clear, actionable findings and recommendations, along with solution options and expected benefits.

Imaging Record Quality Policy

Reliability, consistency, and quality of patients’ imaging records is incredibly important in a shared platform to meet quality and safety goals.

Solution Architecture

In today’s Consolidated Enterprise, system consolidation and replacement is common. It is important to have an imaging IT strategy that not only helps achieve your goals, but fits within the larger enterprise system ecosystem, including the EMR.

Our Deliverable: A toolkit and expertise to help providers establish their own custom policy to define enterprise-wide imaging record quality, including details such as recommended DICOM attribute values, correct HL7 to DICOM value mappings, as well as interoperability best practices.

Our Deliverable: A detailed specification of a recommended solution architecture, with integration standards, workflows, and component requirements defined.