Imaging IT Project Implementation

We assist healthcare providers in implementing Imaging IT projects through our knowledge and expertise, along with a set of supporting tools.

Solution Rollout

  • Informatics Leadership. Work with the project team to ensure imaging record quality and optimal interoperability methods.
  • Clinical and Technical Acceptance. Work with the project team to develop comprehensive acceptance test cases to ensure that the projects’ objectives are met.
  • Vendor Engagement. Represent and enforce the project team’s interests and expectations during the engagements with the solution provider.
  • Project Plan and Statement of Work (SOW) Analysis. Contribute project delivery insights into planning activities to establish realistic and comprehensive implementation milestones.
  • Risk Prevention Plan. Contribute project delivery insights to prevent common oversights, as well as implementation or adoption delays.
  • Training and Education. Develop and deliver educational sessions tailored to project-related topics.


  • Storage Capacity Calculator. Calculate the required storage (cache, archive) capacities to support the project’s data volume.
  • System Performance Calculator. Calculate the required system’s performance to accommodate the project’s data volumes and users’ expectations regarding the system’s responsiveness.
  • Study Data Migration Calculator. Project the time-frame of study migration activities (or required rate of migration).
  • Breast Tomosynthesis IT Impact CalculatorCalculate both network and storage impact of introducing Breast Tomosynthesis modalities.
  • Reading Desktop Integration Specification. Methodology to capture end-state Diagnostic Reading Workstation desktop integration, across multiple systems, to ensure smooth Radiologist Reading Workflow during a PACS-replacement project.
  • PACS Consolidation Site Profile. Methodology to capture key information about one or more facilities whose PACS are being replaced with a central system.
  • Site On-boarding Framework. Framework consisting of information gathering and implementation activities to on-board a facility as part of the PACS Consolidation project.
  • RIS Transition. Methodology to capture key information and data-flows required during a RIS-transition project.