Request for Proposal (RFP)

IT solution evaluation is critical to success, yet healthcare provider staff often lack the experience and time to produce an effective RFP and to lead such a project. We assist healthcare providers in developing and executing a formal procurement process. Our customers benefit from the extensive library of templates for both RFP Development and Vendor Selection stages.

  • PACS Replacement / Consolidation. Projects focused on replacing an existing PACS or consolidating multiple PACS systems.
  • Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA). Projects focused on establishing an enterprise-wide medical imaging repository and communication platform.
  • Enterprise Imaging. Projects focused on capturing, managing and visualizing medical imaging content (DICOM and non-DICOM) across different Service Lines.
  • Enterprise Viewer. Projects focused on visualizing enterprise-wide medical imaging content within existing EMR and Portal solutions, as well as in a stand-alone mode (direct access).
  • Image Sharing. Projects focused on exchanging medical imaging records across technical and organizational boundaries.
  • Enterprise Reading Workflow. Projects focused on optimizing cross-facility reading workflow and Radiologists’ workload balancing.
  • Radiology Information System (RIS). Projects focused on managing a variety of Radiology operations, including order placement, scheduling, acquisition, exam documentation, billing, analytics, and more.

RFP Development


Vendor Selection


Example RFP Process and System Delivery

RFP Process Graphic - Blue