Article – Survey finds growth in use of department dashboards

This article has some stats from a survey on the use of dashboards in Radiology.

Some key stats…

  • 62% of the respondents used dashboards for managing accessibility, financial, and productivity indicators; of these…
    • 50% started using dashboards < 2 years ago
    • 10% had used dashboards for > 10 years
  • 73% of departments used their RIS (only) as the source of data, 6% from their PACS (only), and the remainder from both the RIS and PACS
  • 35% viewed productivity metrics more than once a month, only 8% viewed the information daily
  • Most commonly viewed access metrics: department turnaround time and patient backlog were the most frequently used
    • 50% regularly reviewed transcription times
    • 60% were interested in the time from preliminary findings to report finalization and sign-off
  • Most commonly viewed financial metrics: reporting revenue, actual expenses compared to budgeted expenses, and the number of days that billable exams were in accounts receivable
  • Most commonly viewed productivity metrics: total examination volume, volume per modality, and productivity performance by radiologists and technologists

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